Please read before coming to the center


All bowling facilities operating must adopt a written procedure for employee safety and customer interaction that is at least as strict as these requirements and complies with the safety and health requirements below. Bowling: Phase 2 and Phase 3:
- Four bowlers per lane. 
- No spectators allowed in Phases 2 and 3. 
- Bowlers must maintain 6 feet of distance between bowlers in other lanes and in other areas of the facility. 
- Sharing of equipment is not allowed.
- Players may not switch between teams in league play. 
- Individual lanes are required to schedule 15 minutes between each user for cleaning and sanitizing. 
- Shoes and balls, including finger holes, must be disinfected after every use. - Bowling Phase 2 and Phase 3:
Arcades and amusement and/or redemption activities closed. 
- Restaurants and pro-shops adhere to required guidelines for food service and retail for the phase that their respective county is in.
- Mask use required. 

Open practice when lanes are available.  Please call for reservations and lane availability 360-458-2695 or book online. Lanes may be available during league times.