Bowling Hold



Before 6pm $25.99 per lane, per hour, plus shoes.
After 6pm $29.99 per lane, per hour, plus shoes.
$12.99 for 1-2 bowlers for half an hour.


Sunday: 12pm-6pm  

Monday: 2pm-10pm

Tuesday: 2pm-10pm

Wednesday: 2pm-10pm

Thursday: 2pm-10pm

Friday: 2pm-12am

Saturday: 10am-12am

After School Special 2pm-6pm 

Monday-Friday (Only when school is in session for the day)

$7 Per Bowler, Per Hour

$2 Small Slushy

(Shoes Included for Students and their Accompanying Families)

Open Bowl 

7 days a week with the exception of 6pm-10pm on Wednesdays

Monday 2pm-10pm

Sin Night League 6:30pm-close using only 4 of the 8 lanes $13 a week

$10 for Unlimited Bowling from 5pm-10pm (Shoe not included) 

Tuesday 2pm-10pm

Available from 2pm-10pm

$2 Game Bowling

$2 Shoe Rental

$2 Slushy

$2 Light Draft

$2 Hotdog

Wednesday  2pm-10pm

Beer League 6:30pm-10pm $15 a week

Open Bowl 2:00pm-6:00pm

$25.99 for an hour per Lane (Shoes Not Included)

Thursday 2pm-10pm

Open Bowl 2pm-10pm

$25.99/Hour per lane from 2pm-6pm (Shoes Not Included)

$29.99/Hour per lane 6pm-10pm (Shoes Not Included)

Friday 2pm-12am

Black light Bowl 4pm-8pm

Cosmic Bowl 8pm-12am

$25.99/Hour per lane from 2pm-5pm (Shoes Not Included)

$29.99/Hour Per lane 6pm-12am (Shoes Not Included)

Saturday 10am-12am

Youth League 10am-12pm $10 a week

Black Light Bowl 12:30pm-8pm

Cosmic Bowl 8pm-12am

$25.99/Hour per lane from 10am-6pm (Shoes Not Included)

$29.99/Hour Per Lane Starting at 6pm-12am (Shoes Not Included)


Sunday 12pm-6pm

Open Bowl 12pm-6pm

$25.99/Hour per lane (Shoes Not Included)